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The Difference Between LED Flexible Strips and LED Rigid Strips


LED flexible strips and LED rigid strips are both members of the LED light strip family and share significant features such as high brightness, low power consumption and rich colors. However, in appearance, installation method, flexibility and application environment, the two show completely different styles.

LED flexible strips, as their name suggests, exhibit exceptional flexibility and flexibility. Its core lies in the use of a flexible PCB board as the substrate, on which LED chips and auxiliary electronic components are cleverly welded. This design gives the flexible light strip excellent bending and cutability capabilities, allowing it to easily adapt to various irregular shapes and curved surfaces. Therefore, flexible light strips have shown unparalleled advantages in complex environments that require bending, arc surfaces or embedded installation.

In contrast, LED rigid strips are characterized by their sturdy texture and stability. It usually uses hard materials such as aluminum plates and FR4 plates as the substrate, so it does not have the flexibility of LED flexible strips. However, this design also gives the LED rigid strip excellent load-bearing capacity and stability, making it more suitable for direct installation on hard surfaces, linear installation, and other scenarios that require fixation and straight lines.

In short, LED flexible strips have become the first choice for decoration on irregular shapes and curved surfaces due to their excellent flexibility and adaptability; while LED rigid strips, with their solid texture and stability, are suitable for decoration on straight lines and hard surfaces. dominates the decoration. Both have their own merits, and together they have injected diversified vitality into the LED light strip market.

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