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Common Materials of LED Light Strips


1. Silicone LED light strips

Silicone LED light strips have become the first choice for outdoor and humid environments due to their excellent waterproof and high temperature resistance properties. Its high degree of flexibility allows it to bend easily, making installation quick and easy. However, this high-grade material also results in a relatively high price.

2. PVC LED light strips

PVC LED light strips are popular for their affordability, ease of installation, and excellent flexibility. Its easy-to-cut nature makes it suitable for a variety of scenes, while the option of color spraying also increases the diversity of its use. However, compared with silicone, it is slightly less waterproof, resistant to high temperatures and resistant to oxidation.

3. Fiberglass LED light strips

Fiberglass LED strips stand out with their smooth surface and softness that surpasses PVC. Its excellent thermal insulation and chemical resistance properties give it significant advantages in certain specific fields. Although the price is higher than PVC, it is cheaper than silicone, which has won it a certain share in the market. However, its light transmittance is slightly inferior to PVC and silicone.

4. Copper-plated LED light strips

Copper-plated LED light strips, with their noble appearance and texture, have become an ideal choice for high-end places such as nightclubs, hotels, etc. However, its high production cost and easily oxidized surface characteristics may cause color changes and lighting failures during long-term use.

5. Aluminum plate LED light strip

Aluminum plate LED light strips are known for their strong and durable properties. The outer aluminum alloy plate not only provides good heat dissipation, but is also moisture-proof. However, its high cost and non-bendable properties make the installation process relatively complicated.

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