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Installation Method of LED Flexible Strip


LED flexible strips are a highly flexible lighting product that can easily adapt to spaces of various shapes and sizes. Here are three common ways to install them:

1. Easy Paste Installation

When you need to install LED flexible strips on a flat surface such as a wall or ceiling, you can choose to install them by pasting. This method is simple and quick. Just tear off the tape on the back of the light strip and stick it on a clean, dry surface. If necessary, you can also add additional horizontal mounting brackets or angle mounting brackets to meet specific installation needs.

2. Flexible Hanging Installation

Hanging installation is particularly suitable for occasions where the height or angle of the light strip needs to be adjusted, such as the atmosphere lighting in the living room or the space where multi-level lighting needs to be created. After completing the basic pasting installation, you can use auxiliary tools such as hanging parts, hanging ropes or hanging nets to hang the LED flexible strips in the desired position to achieve personalized lighting effects.

3. Stable Fixed Installation

For occasions where the LED flexible strips need to maintain a specific shape, such as pillars or door frames, fixed installation is the best choice. First, fix the light strip on the preset surface, and then use tools such as pliers or special fixing hooks to firmly fix the light strip into the desired shape. Although this method may take some time and patience, it will ensure that the light strip has a stable shape and maintains a beautiful lighting effect for a long time.

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