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Flexible light strips, materials that can save the appearance of interior design!


01. Material Overview

Flexible light strips refer to lights that are welded to copper wires or strip-shaped flexible circuit boards using special processing techniques, and then connected to a power source to emit light.

LED soft light strips are divided into the following types:

a. Low-voltage soft light strips

Low-voltage light strips are mostly 5m long because the substrate is relatively thin and the ability to pass current is relatively weak. If the light strip required for the use scenario is very long, multiple wiring points and many transformers are required.

Types of soft light strips

b. High-voltage soft light strips

The entire lamp is 220V high voltage. If it is used in places that can be touched easily, such as steps and guardrails, it will be more dangerous. Therefore, it is recommended to use it in places that are relatively high and cannot be touched by people, such as ceiling light troughs. Note that high-voltage light strips must be protected with a protective cover.

c. RGB color light strips

Each bead has three cores, so each bead can emit three colors. When the three beads are powered on, different colors of light can be mixed.

You can also adjust the current and input control to mix richer colors.

02. Material properties

1) Can be rolled, cut, and extended

The advantage of soft light strips is that the length can be flexibly cut and bent at will, which is convenient for outlining the shape of curves. This is the essential difference between soft light strips and hard light strips. It is easy to make graphics and used for special-shaped design works, and has a wide range of applications.

2) Low power consumption, high brightness, and long light source life

The light bulb and the passage are completely wrapped in flexible plastic, with good insulation and waterproof properties, and safe to use.

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