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                  Color Flow LED Neon Light
                  • Color Flow LED Neon LightColor Flow LED Neon Light

                  Color Flow LED Neon Light

                  Jingzhao Lighting, established in China, is a reputable and professional factory that specializes in the production of high-quality Color Flow LED Neon Light. Jingzhao Lighting has a strong focus on delivering only the best products to customers, and renowned for exceptional expertise in this field. Having a manufacturing facility, equipped with the technology, Jingzhao Lighting is committed to producing Color Flow LED Neon Light that meet international standards of quality.

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                  Product Description

                  Color Flow LED Neon Light from Jingzhao Lighting factory brings vibrant hues and dynamic lighting to any space. With its ability to smoothly transition through a rainbow of colors, this LED neon light adds a captivating visual element to any setting. Ideal for creating an inviting and lively atmosphere, it is perfect for bars, restaurants, or any commercial space seeking a unique and eye-catching display. Energy-efficient and long-lasting, Color Flow LED Neon Light offers a brilliant and cost-effective alternative to traditional neon signs. Experience the magic of color-changing LED lights and transform your environment with this stunning addition.


                  • Colorful jacket in 8 options, dome profile, super flexible bend,any length cuttable, exclusive for signage and shape lighting.

                  • Uniform, dot - free, smooth and comfortable luminary up to 10meters[32.8ft] run length.

                  • IP67 with endcap sealed by glue, for indoor or outdoor usage.

                  • Dimmable available with PWM signal.

                  Dome Profile Side-Bend EP-206

                  Part No.










                  (Colorful Jacket)




                  White:260lm/M  (80lm/ft.)

                  Red:50lm/M   (15lm/ft.)

                  Green:25lm/M   (12lm/ft.)

                  Blue:6.5lm/M   (2lm/ft.)

                  Yellow:210lm/M  (64lm/ft.)

                  Orange:90lm/M   (28lm/ft.)

                  Purple:30lm/M   (9lm/ft.)

                  Cyan:14lm/M   (4.3lm/ft.)

                  Free cutting

                  to be

                  any length




                  Transport of Goods

                  Zhongshan as an important city in the Pearl River Delta region, the logistics routes are four and five, basically all over every corner of the country, if you do not have a designated logistics company, we will choose the appropriate special line to deliver to you according to your delivery address, reduce your logistics costs.

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